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We're Brittany and Laura, aka your Partners In Crafting!


We are an energetic, minority and women-owned full-service event production company hailing from California and New York. With our roots firmly planted in the meccas of pop culture and innovative entertainment, we bring a sharpened frequency and expertise for bespoke details and transformative design. We understand the importance of setting a visual mood that translates into an unforgettable moment that is uniquely yours. Never the same experience twice, because every moment only happens once.

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Laura is known for her ability to create events that are both visually striking and highly effective in building brand awareness. She has a passion for elevated and elegant design, and is always thinking of new and innovative ways to make her events stand out.

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Brittany has a talent for bringing together all the different elements of an event, creating a cohesive and visually stunning experience. With  her hands-on approach and expertise in crafting, she can take an idea and execute it into reality.

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